Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween Costume Fun!

This is me and Mr. Brice in the costume we wore to his friend's Halloween party. We went as a Dancing with the Stars couple. (This is the tango.)

I actually brought along a costume change, but not on purpose. I was searching for a shawl just in case I got chilly, and found my old latin costume from when I used to compete. I tried it on, but, well, let's just say that it used to fit a lot better 7 years ago. But I brought it along in my purse (yes, it's that small...not much material in those things) to show my friend, and she decided that I needed to put it on, so I told her I would if I got drunk enough.

I didn't bother taking pics of that one, though.

Anyway, I think Mr. Brice & I look cute. He wanted us to be a Boston Red Sox fan couple, but I thought that was boring (this was the night before they won...a week ago yesterday), so I vetoed that idea. He finally agreed to do DWTS, since all he had to do was wear a black shirt and black pants.

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