Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who Will Win Dancing with the Stars?

Tonight's the night...who will win? Will it be Indy 500 driver Helio Castroneves, Spice Girl Mel B, or entertainer and doll designer Marie Osmond?

I can tell you this right now...I will not watch this show anymore if Marie wins. Why? Can you say "Sanjaya"????? Dear lord, that woman is painful to watch. I honestly can't understand what the appeal is. People seem to actually think she's entertaining to watch. I don't get it.

Last night, her samba was like a bad caricature of a samba. I could do a better job the first day I learned the samba, and yet she's been rehearsing for weeks. It wasn't her first samba either. Gawd, it was awful.

And her freestyle? Ugh. Although I do have to admit that for once her stiffness and clunkiness was a good thing, considering as she was dressed as a lifesize wind-up doll. Can the woman just PLEASE point her toes for once? Please? And her lifts stunk.

I really hope that Helio wins, although I won't be crushed if Mel wins. But I definitely think Helio outperformed Mel last night. His freestyle was incredible and I really liked his jive, too. Mel's cha-cha was kinda boring and her hip hop was almost a little too ladylike.

But like I said, I won't mind if she wins. She's definitely a very good dancer. I think she was better in the other weeks, but I wasn't super impressed by her last night.

Did you see Marie's reaction when her samba got three 8's? LOL! She actually looked shocked. To be honest, I think those were sympathy scores from the judges...I wouldn't have given her any higher than three 6's (if even that high).

So who do you want to win?


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