Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Have I mentioned that I was in the Center Dance Company production of the Nutcracker this weekend? I was a "Party Mom" (a mother in the party scene in Act I) and it was a blast. It was mostly acting (well, pantomime, really) rather than dancing, although we did do a short ballroom dance.

This picture is a "family portrait" of my stage family: my "husband" Michael and my darling daughters. It was a lot of fun.

Our version was set in Washington, DC in the 1940s. Clara's father is a Senator, and one of the Party Dads said that he likes to think of his character as the junior senator from that state, so we decided to give outselves roles. I guess it's a super progressive 1940s, because I decided I'm the Attorney General.

I'll post some more once I get the professional photos from the performance.


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